About us

Joint stock "Laučera" founded in 2004 produces hard framed furniture from laminated wood shaving plates, wood dust plates and also veneer wood shaving plates.

The enterprise is directed by experienced specialists in furniture producing and trading spheres. There are two types of production – standard and non–standard furniture for offices and furniture for houses or public spaces that is made according to individual orders. Among our customers are well known and serious enterprises and organisations, such as "Sanitex", "Stokker", "Daisena", "Krasta auto", "Biuro pasaulis", "Pardavimo automatai", "Baltic clipper", the administration of Kaunas district head, administration of Marijampolė district head, Raseiniai municipality, Kaunas hydro–electrical power station, Šilainiai polyclinics and many others.

We gained an advantage over producers of bigger furniture enterprises because we are quicker in taking decissions. Besides we have more opportunities to produce non–standard furniture for special places. Bigger enterprises which are orientated to unificated mass production do not produce non–standard furniture.

As for  as production of furniture for houses is concerned we produce kitchen, hall, living–room, bedroom, bathroom furniture, wardrobes with moving doors as well as furniture for special public places – hospitals, polyclinics, educational establishments, museums, shops, hotels, etc. We are also co–operating with famous architects, designers and have fulfilled many rather complicated but interesting, modern projects. Among such we would like to mention expositional windows and depository in Zoo museum of Kaunas named by Tadas Ivanauskas also original and modern furniture for the beauty houses net "Figaro", furniture for shops, cafes and a lot of individual orders as well.

We always pay attention to our clients orders and are noticing that our clients seek for original, modern, multi–functional furniture, so we are always traying to satisfy their wishes and hopes, offering them best designers, big assortment of matterials. All that needs great investments into modern working technologies. Our hopes and wishes are to create a cosy atmosphere in everybody‘s house or office.